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Get your brand or name out there by sponsoring an upcoming webinar or video or getting me to spread the word of your brand to my social media subscriber base of over 44 thousand people!

How does influencer marketing benefit your business?

Gone are the days where your customers make decisions on billboard or local newspaper advertisements. Even Google Adwords and traditional digital marketing advertising methods are becoming less effective because of one thing – lack of trust.

Influencer marketing is the most effective way to get brand cut-through. Nelson’s Global Trust found that 92% of consumers had higher levels of trust for a recommendation given from an individual than they did for brands.

Influencers are effective at marketing to your target customers because they are customers themselves, just like their subscribers.

But what about the subscribers who don’t know what they’re looking for, but you know that they have a potential need for your product or service? All you need to do is for the user to see it to know they want it. That’s where I can help. I can show your product being used and make specific, clear mention of your product so those consuming the content know that it was you that is trusted with quality goods or services. I need to support the product myself to be able to help you with your marketing.

My social media followers know I have a high standard for my work, so I wouldn’t recommend something that I don’t believe in. That’s why I can’t accept every offer to be an influencer for a product. Maintaining my subscribers’ trust is extremely important to me. If, after using the product myself, I wouldn’t be a repeat customer – I can’t promote it in good faith.

Why use me as your influencer

Common questions I’m asked are:

What kind of paper do you recommend I print on?

What lens should I buy to take better photos?

What camera do you photograph with?

I answer every question I’m asked with an honest answer. Want me to proactively make a post talking about why I use your product and where to get it from? These are the types of things I can help you with. I’m already giving recommendations anyway, so why not make a stronger recommendation to exclusively use your product or service for a period of time?

How big is my social media following?

I offer my partners access to my social media following of over 44,000 subscribers.

Subscriber breakdown

36,852 on Instagram

4,814 on Twitter

2,672 on Facebook

220 on YouTube

How many views do I get on my content?

On brand-related content (as a concert photographer, that’s music), I reach an average of:

12,470 people on each Instagram post

2,242 people on each Instagram story

3,333 people on each Facebook post

400 people per tweet

That means you have access to 18,445 views on your brand per influencer post. If you arrange for five posts across all my social media profiles, that’s just under 100,000 views on your brand delivered in an authentic way by a real person.

Social media


In order for me to be able to help you with your influencer marketing, your product needs to meet the following requirements:

1. I need to be able to use the product and form my own opinion.
2. I need to be able to show my real results.
3. I need to be able to see myself as an organic, repeat customer.

Is there something I can help you with?

Touch base with me by email and we can talk more.