Adobe Lightroom presets

Lightroom presets are so common nowadays that people just download them in most instances, but in some cases, you might want to create your own free Lightroom presets. If you wish to manage a library of presets designed by other passionate photographers or create and manage your own, Filter is the right place for you. Even more so, there’s free Lightroom presets right here to download!

About Lightroom presets

Presets are reference files that automatically set certain variables in the Develop module. Think of presets in Lightroom like a shortcut for certain settings when you’re editing a photo. All of your presets appear in the left-hand panel in the Develop Module in whatever folder structure you set.

Lightroom comes with some presets already loaded into the program, but they’re pretty basic. You’ll probably want to create your own or download free Lightroom presets.

With the newer versions of Lightroom CC, you can hover over presets and see how your image looks like the preset applied before it’s even applied. You’re not making changes to the image file itself when you apply a preset. The same with how Lightroom doesn’t save the changes to the original file, the presets just apply those settings the same way, meaning your original image file is untouched.

Download my free Lightroom presets

I spent a lot of time collecting Lightroom presets from other photographers who had carefully designed popular looks and created presets from their experience. Then I started creating my own presets, and it’s now my turn to make them available to you, for free.

My free Lightroom presets are compatible with all versions of Lightroom, but I’ve specifically created them for Lightroom CC, Lightroom 5 and Lightroom 4. The presets work with earlier versions of Lightroom, but Adobe changed the way the Develop module processes photos, so the effects might not be the exact same as what the demo images suggest. But if you’re using anything earlier than Lightroom 4, I would really encourage you to update your software rather than worrying about how these Lightroom presets work! The change in Lightroom’s processing engine is totally worth it.

So get downloading with any of the free Lightroom presets below and let me know what you make with them!