I want you to be the best photographer you can be, and as a beginner, the journey to your potential will probably seem daunting.

Magazines don’t come calling, websites don’t send emails and exhibitions don’t ask for your involvement without the perfect balance of camera settings and artistic charisma on a consistent basis.

I want you to be the best photographer you can be.

It’s hard when you first start out with photography. When I first started photography, my first stop was Google. The internet offers an endless amount of advice, but you have to bounce from site to site to get the information you need. Once I found the information I needed, I had to go back to Google to find the next piece of information I needed. Every website had a different layout, making it harder to quickly find the information I was looking for. It was a nightmare. This photography tips for a beginner website aims to offer you, the beginner photographer, a single repository of knowledge.

Everything from how to choose a camera bag to how to sharpen the smallest of details quickly will be made available here on Filter.  There’s also the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered on the Filter photography podcast. Helping you navigate the world of photography, make sense of the art and simplifying complex processes is what this website is all about.

But what do I get out of this? I get the satisfaction of helping beginner and amateur photographers along their journey. My inbox often holds emails asking similar questions, which while I love helping them out with a response, I started to consider how I could help more than that one person.