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How to edit a sunrise/sunset photo


I just wrapped up another Periscope photography tutorial for some photos I took today in Mackay. If you’re into sunrise or sunset photography, you will want to check this out.

In the Periscope I show you what I do when editing sunrise and sunset photos to get the maximum colours and align it closely to what my eye actually saw.

Editing a photograph of a sunrise or sunset is difficult because you need to get the foreground balanced with the background. Because your camera can only process so much light, your foreground is either going to be underexposed or the background will be overexposed. It can be a nightmare to get right, but luckily for you, I’ve run a Periscope tutorial showing you exactly how to get that balance just right.

Check out the before and after images below and watch the Periscope photography tutorial to see how it was done.

Side by side comparison

Sunrise and sunset photography tutorial


Sunrise and sunset photography tutorial


Sunrise and sunset photography tutorial

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