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Episode 0 – Filter. A photography podcast.

Welcome to Filter, a photography podcast by me – Matt Walter.

There is so much photography knowledge out there and so many ways to learn. There just isn’t enough time to find it /and/ consume it. Think of Filter like a summary podcast. I’ve read so much content to learn it all myself. It took ages, and while I’m still learning myself, I want to shorten the process for you.

What we cover is completely up to you. It’s easy to make a content suggestion or ask a question about a challenge you’re facing. Head to the podcast help page and record a message from your computer or phone. Or, just tweet me at @mattwalterphoto or Instagram message me at @mattwalterphoto.

I aim to put episodes out weekly. They’re going to be short, 15 minute or less episodes that cover a different area of photography and answer your questions.

The podcast can only be a success if you ask your questions. Oh, and rate the podcast if you like what you hear.

Thanks for your support – I look forward to seeing some of you at a gig in the future or hearing your questions for the podcast.



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